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26 octobre 2013 6 26 /10 /octobre /2013 16:11


Below the fourthh of couv.


Let us not be a culprit not to think of the future !

We have the autoritarian have to leave in inheritance a livable earth.

How can it be done ?

The basic research and the applied researches, wisely, are imperative! 

The human race is predatory ! The nature and the humanity are in danger !

Does the earth belong to us ?

Had we the right to suit us the pechblende to end in a likely tragedy?

Is it irrevesible ?

He is imperative and urgent for us and the future of our planet, to lead a thoughtful, inteligent and energic action, against nuclear power an his mutiple and insidious diseases which are added, in the diseases induced by multiple and insidious diverse pollutions.

One autherwise is imperative, let us be  European exemplary in the world !

It is necessary to create a fate !

There is some work for the futurologists

Let us sow the good seed

Raymond Chermat

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Published by Raymond Chermat - dans philosophie politique
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